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Hi I'm Carol Jones,

 Your  real estate Broker committed to providing exceptional service.  I bring a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the table. Born and raised in Redwood City, I have deep roots in this community that fuel my drive to serve. My journey began at the renowned Alpha-Beta grocery store, where I not only honed my strong work ethic but also crossed paths with my amazing husband. Together, we built a beautiful family and created a strong foundation for our future.

During a memorable fishing trip to Lake Almanor, a rush of nostalgia swept over me, as I recalled the cherished moments of my own childhood spent there. This profound connection ignited a spark within me, fueling my passion for Lake Almanor and its potential as a dream home destination for others. Inspired by this, my family and I decided to build our own vacation and retirement home there, crafting unforgettable memories during our summer getaways.

In the face of challenges in the real estate market, I saw an opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Motivated to make a difference, I pursued my real estate license and specialized in short sales. Over the years, I gained valuable experience working with various brokerages, but my entrepreneurial spirit ultimately led me to establish my own brokerage. Today, as an empty nester, I dedicate a significant portion of my time to Lake Almanor, leveraging my unparalleled knowledge of the desires and needs of buyers and sellers in Redwood City and those seeking vacation homes in Lake Almanor.

When you encounter me around town, you might spot me cruising in my robin egg blue convertible T-bird, affectionately known as "the bird." It has become a signature part of my identity, adding a touch of excitement to my daily routine and reflecting my vibrant approach to life.

What truly sets me apart is not only my expertise in real estate, but also my exceptional professionalism and calm demeanor. I go above and beyond for my clients, as demonstrated by the testimonials I receive. For instance, when one person urgently needed a new place to live within six weeks, I became their guiding angel, facilitating the process and even suggesting they consider purchasing instead of renting

 Another client tirelessly searched for their dream home for over a year, and it was my unwavering commitment and effective communication that ultimately made it happen. Let's not forget the successful sale of a home in Linda Mar Pacifica, which I managed to accomplish swiftly and seamlessly, even without a formal open house.

To me, being a real estate Broker means forging lasting relationships. I firmly believe in treating my clients with the utmost respect, integrity, and transparency. It's not uncommon for lifelong friendships to form with those I've had the pleasure of working ith.


Together, let's turn your real estate goals into  reality.

My Clients

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